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Welcome Che, our first research intern!

Chetan Poudel joins the lab as a Research Intern. Che graduated from Oberlin College in 2014 with a BA in Physics. His honors research focused on the design of an “Inverted Linear Halbach Array for Separation of Magnetic Nanoparticles”, which was published in IEEE Transactions in Magnetics.

Welcome Trilly Gregg, our first Graduate Student.

Trillian Gregg joins the lab as part of the Biophysics Graduate Program. Trilly graduated from Bard College with a BA in Cellular Biophysics in 2010, and received a Molecular Biophysics T32 to assure her recruitment to UW-Madison, an honor reserved for only one student in each incoming class. She has already published two co-author papers, in JCI and JBC, with Alan Attie’s group here at UW-Madison.