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Farewell to Che, our research intern and patch-clamp guru.

We say farewell to our research intern Chetan Poudel as he heads to graduate school “over the pond”. In <2 years, Che published one co-first author paper in Diabetes and three co-author manuscripts in Biophysical Journal, Diabetes, and J Physiology, and became an imaging guru and expert beta cell patch-clamper. Based on this work, Che was awarded two international scholarships (the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network Award, and will attend Cambridge University (in the UK). Che decided on Clement Kaminski’s optical physics laboratory as part of the Cambridge Center for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies. Che, we will miss you!

Trilly and Che publish their islet aging studies on KATP channels in Diabetes. Check it out here!

Trilly’s first-author paper, “Pancreatic beta cells from mice offset age-associated mitochondrial deficiency with reduced KATP channel activity”, has been accepted for publication in Diabetes! Che Poudel is co-first author, with Brian Schmidt and Sophia Sdao contributing. The paper features a novel assay that Trilly developed to directly image human and mouse islet metabolism with NAD(P)H fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM). Nice work everyone.